Good article.

I got my first taste of TDD many years ago in a London based software company that did indeed put huge emphasis on mocking. It doesn't work. …

Of course you want to use Windows because Macs are rubbish and Linux is cool, but it won’t run Fortnite.

I’m not promising that everything works perfectly, but you can definitely get the SQS service up and running.

Make sure that you have Docker installed, I’m assuming that you have.

Thanks to Andrew Winkler for sharing their work on Unsplash.

On April 22 a version of the Imperial College model used to predict the impact of Covid-19 was released on GitHub. This model played a key role in the UK government’s decision to implement a nationwide quarantine.

Since the code became public it has, understandably, come under heavy scrutiny and…

Let’s keep this short but sweet, as it isn’t complicated and you don’t need the entire life story of Anaconda and PowerShell.


Make sure that you have Anaconda set up on Windows, see

Make sure that you have installed PowerShell7, see

Install guide

Open your Anaconda prompt (i.e. the command…

With the rising popularity of game streaming platforms like Twitch that allow developers to build extensions to boost fan engagement, knowing how to hack into games to get data to feed those extensions is a skill that many developers want to learn.

In this article I’m going to explain how…

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